Meine beine sind gefickt!

A massive, heartfelt thank you to everyone who sponsored myself, Dom and Harriet, aka Team G.B. this weekend.

Despite an unabated rainfall, anxiety-fuelled insomnia, a ludicrously early wake-up time, blisters, chaffing, bowel-turmoil and not to mention the stupid matter of 26 miles between the start and the finish, I managed to get round in 4:09:58.

More importantly, we managed to raise over £4,000 for the Gideon Baws Memorial Fund, which is brilliant and makes it all worthwhile. Our legs might not be happy, but we are. I hope we did Gideon proud.

Very special thanks to the Berlin support team, who came out with a hand painted banner to cheer us on in the cold rain. Thanks also to our great friends at RunDemCrew who enthusiastically eased the task of 18 weeks of training. I doubt very much we could have done it without them.

(the smiles pictured are lies)

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