My shins

Long time since I posted. Been way too distracted with work, offspring and mortgage applications to be 'socially interacting.' Screw that!

And any scraps of free time have been dedicated to a kamikaze mission: a week Sunday I'm off to Germany with my good friends Harriet and Dom to run the Berlin Marathon. I never thought I'd be able to run a marathon and with 10 days to go I'm still to be convinced.

So far we've been training for 17 weeks. One word: Fucking Relentless. I must say that the canal-ways of Hackney, while occasionally stunning and always fascinating, have become unimaginably tedious. When we hit the starting line we'll have covered 430 miles in preparation.

I've got shin-splints, scabs on my nipples, a missing toenail and ankles that creak like a crap pirate ship. But it's all for a great cause; while thousands of gym-dorks run around half-heartedly collecting money for arbitrary charities, we really mean it, man. We're raising money for the Gideon Baws Memorial Fund.

We've joyfully smashed our target already, but if you feel inclined to contribute anything to a cause that is, needless to say, very dear to our hearts, then please do. HERE

Thank you KX

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