Nice work if you can get it

Me and Chris washed and combed our beards, then went along to the UK Music Video Awards last night. We won for Best Animation, then for best Rock Video. Which was amazing.

Then we won Video of the Year, a category we didn't even know existed. Incredible, especially since they were all for our only piece of work this year. The president of Parlophone even wrote to say thanks.

Really though, the nicest part of the evening was the warm reception we got from the crowd. You make this stuff in complete isolation - and we always make work solely for ourselves - but you can't help but be cheered by kind appreciation, and from your peers to boot. My inflated head was throbbing this morning.

All told, a crazy week.

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  1. Rock on guys! So well deserved. My head probably would have gotten so big, it might have exploded. Good on ya for that not happening.