Epic win

Team GB - Before

My nipples bled, despite being slathered in vaseline. And Barney's knee looked like it was going to explode after only four miles. But, we made it. And in good time too.

Barney - 01:52:25
Nick -
Me -

Most importantly we raised a shed-load of money for CRY. So if you sponsored us - a massive, heartfelt, thank you. We raised a lot more than we ever imagined and the folks at CRY are ecstatic. If you didn't, you still can.

Also thanks to Dom, Baz and Mark who were great fun and vital for morale. Thanks too to Run Dem Crew, without whom I might have given up all hope long ago.

Gideon would have been proud.

I bloody hope so - I am knackered.

Team GB - Afterwards


  1. Sara Greene10:22 pm

    So proud of you guys!! Thank you so much for raising awareness. (Plus you look great!)

  2. Super proud. Love that last photo. You did it!!