El Secreto

Photo by Draken

Congratulations to Juan José Campanella and the brilliant El Secreto de sus Ojos, which won Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. I saw this film a few months back and it really stayed with me. I've been urging my friends to see it ever since. It has an unforgettable sequence in the middle. Not sure it is better than Das weisse Band or Un Prophète, but neither of those films need the publicity El Secreto will now get. The lead, Ricardo Darín, stars in Nueve Reinas, which is good fun and also worth checking out.

Been waylaid in scriptwriting to do any drawing, but now we're done (!!!), I'll make an effort. Any spare time I've had recently has been spent doing this:

10 miles in 01:37:28.

It felt A LOT longer.


  1. catherine ann kenworthy8:27 am

    Wrong time of year for that sort of thing,any way well done.love mum.xxx

  2. Anonymous3:01 am

    This reminds me of Deliverance. Tom Mc x