For Harriet

I have a load of old mixes I made for the ill-fated iMix Club.
Hopefully I'll find time to make a new one by the time I have
recycled these. This was my first, pedestrian attempt.

Gonzalez - Overnight
Neil Young -
Man Needs A Maid
Dustin O'Halloran -
Opus #12
Steve Buscemi & Bronson Dudley -
Olivia Tremor Control -
Black Foliage
TV On The Radio -
Modern Romance [Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover]
The Earlies -
Wayward Song
Dennis Wilson & Rumbo -
Jeff Alexander -
Come Wander With Me
Max Richter -
Written On The Sky
Neil Young -
Do You Know How To Use This Weapon / Organ Solo
Radiohead -
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Gorillaz -
Hong Kong
The Boats -
Milosh -
Something Good
Elizabeth Cotten -
Shake Sugaree
Wilco -
How To Fight Loneliness
Sigmatropic (feat. Akis Boyatzis) -
Haiku 14(a)
Elliott Smith -

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Thank you for this mixed tape! It is lovely! melancholy or not it is making me happy!

    great work.......