Secret revealed!

Well its all done.
For various reasons, the hardest job we've ever done.

Very happy it is all over but also very happy with the result.
The journey from brain to screen is littered with pitfalls and
rarely does the end resemble the start. But this one worked
out pretty well. There's always things you want to change and
letting go is hard, but it is done and it has flown the nest.

Time to relax.

Went to test-screening in the cinema this week surrounded by
record company people who have appeared from nowhere and
are all wanting to hold the baby. Totally flattered by their
enthusiasm and seduced by seeing our work on the big screen.

If you are going to the Odeon after Monday 20th July then keep
your eyes peeled.


  1. lesley5:22 pm

    video looks awesome! hope you're well. it's been a very very long time! x

  2. will it show at the movies in singapore too?? i want to watch!

  3. And it is so so brilliant. You guys always make me feel like I should try much much harder.