'Onwards' sketchbook 2

Scan of of my working sketchbook for the storm sequence. I drew
this beside a pool in Palm Springs. Sounds glamourous, but
moreover it exhibits my complete inability to relax.

Notes in red are changes discussed with James in light of the
animatic I made, which I will post shortly. Pencil are time
references for certain moments to hit to keep in time with the
music. This shot lasts over a minute, but was far more difficult
to orchestrate than it appears.

In particular, the camera move broke my little dick in two. Far
easier to sketch beside a pool than actually make 'real'. It rises
behind tattie-head to reveal the vista, (on cue), overtakes, spins
backwards, accelerates downhill, pulls up square, drifts wide,
then does a giant barrel-roll while changing to a distorted lens
length to end up beside his striking feet, then rushes into the
portal behind him.

Normally this is the sort of shit that makes me demand a refund
from the cinema manager because Peter Jackson was drunk on it.
But here, your honour, I was trying to convey the feeling of a
flowing, uninterrupted stretch, where you suddenly sense your
feet moving beneath you, cycling unconsciously.

Who is controlling my legs?
Don't know.
Don't stop.

The tiny thumbnails were me working out how to animate
lightning, given James' style of drawing and the strict three-
colour palette. In the end I ripped some home movies from
YouTube, studying them frame by frame to work out a sequence.

Hopefully, as with all of this, you don't think about it.

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